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WellPage for Disorders Of Fertility
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Disorders Of Fertility - Questions & Answers

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No a woman can't get pregnant outside of her fertile window because the natural envirome ... more
Nov 03 2009 9:31pm
Malaria pills do not affect fertility, or have fertility side effects. wh ... more
Dec 16 2010 11:57am
No...with PCOS (and any level of fertility testing) the testing usually leads ... more
Sep 11 2009 8:30am
there is no fertility pill that has the ability to do tha ... more
Nov 13 2009 9:34am
People see fertility specialists because they want to st ... more
Oct 04 2013 12:49am
Yes, I have PCOS but none of the docs talked about Metformin, I wonder why?? Moreover ... more
Dec 04 2009 10:11am
is it a creamy consistancy? Like lotion? more
Oct 14 2009 10:25pm
a woman's fertile time is three days before, the day of, and the day after ovulation. Fi ... more
Oct 15 2009 9:12am
that is the only way to know what level his fertility is at more
Oct 21 2009 1:20pm
If your period is due tomorrow then you can have an accurate result with most pregnancy te ... more
Apr 01 2010 8:34am