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Children S Books To Teach Life S Challenges - Questions & Answers

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... Autism is a Greek derivation meaning "state of being alone." (Pat Rogers, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin) By "first wave" I am referring to the ... more
Jul 07 2008 7:05pm
... now that men who become addicted to porn require more "edgy" (graphic, unusual, children, tawdry, deviant, etc), images to receive the "high." So based on th ... more
Jul 01 2008 4:11pm
First of all I think most people would agree tha ... more
Oct 22 2008 8:46pm
... at those are. Whether your goal is to set a lifelong, positive example for your children or to lead a mora of Spartans into battle armed to the teeth - The bigg ... more
Jul 22 2008 8:07pm
[Photo courtesy ofIngorrr] One of (the many) problems with social anxiety disorder is that ... more
Jun 26 2008 10:09am
Aug 06 2008 4:12am
Sometimes I moonlight as a research/professor in science and mathematics seconda ... more
Aug 06 2008 4:12am
That is a very interesting topic, I myself has been ... more
Mar 06 2013 6:58am