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Calories Pounds - Questions & Answers

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... o where you are right now.  Are you counting calories now?  If you are, you can deduct 500 ... more
Sep 22 2009 12:35pm
One pound is equal to 3500 calories. Simply and mathematically speak ... more
Jan 24 2010 4:33pm
... weight and multiply by 13 which equals 1560 calories/day. While older adults don't need a ... more
Dec 14 2009 5:30pm
You're body can't function without carbs. Complex carbs in moderation are good for you. Pr ... more
Feb 02 2010 8:06am
Try the estimator here. Putting in the time, type of activity and your weight it will es ... more
Jan 26 2010 10:00am
The best way you can know is by using a heart rate monitor.  I have burned from 600 to 1 ... more
Mar 22 2010 9:14pm