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Best Life Challenge - Questions & Answers

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... ns and stuff. I think if it possible to have life on earth how could it be not in other pl ... more
Mar 06 2013 6:58am
... as if it never crossed my mind. But there are likely six or seven folks in my life who can attest to the fact that this worry did cross my mind in the early s ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:05pm
... e an ability to sense when we are engaging in behavior that is not truly in our best interest, if we only attune ourselves to this ability. The more a man is ... more
Jul 01 2008 4:11pm
... ting issues aren’t plaguing you anymore, translate it to another aspect of your life. For me, “slowing it down” means eating with dignity; living in the mo ... more
Aug 23 2008 3:20pm
Dear Sara, There is some really good research easy to find on the internet on genetic diff ... more
Nov 23 2011 12:13pm
... eryday life.  I really want quality answers.  From those answers, I’ll pick the best response from the lucky winner and send out the pass.   If you don’t win, y ... more
Jul 27 2008 4:00pm
... to help you see how you can prioritize your life, meeting the challenges and opportunitie ... more
Dec 08 2010 5:23pm
Hasta padangustasana! Hand to foot pose. Of course you can practice working up to it throu ... more
Jan 21 2008 2:50pm
... el worse rather than better. Being isolated can make you feel depressed, so the best antidote to changing the way you feel is to change the way you think and be ... more
Jun 26 2008 10:09am
... er her natural work schedules–optimizing free periods if that is when she works best, avoiding evening studying if that is a trap and figuring out time tables.  ... more
Aug 02 2008 11:13am