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Acts Retirement Communities - Questions & Answers

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Some dogs may assume a more submissive posture when they're experiencing discomfort. In ... more
Nov 03 2009 5:37am
... and that, if this is all they have to look forward to, they wish they'd never retired in the first place!  If all this sounds horribly familiar to you, don ... more
Aug 02 2008 8:08am
... do planning the non-financial aspects of their retirement. Consequently, many retired people report that they 'wasted' the first 18 months to 2 years of thei ... more
Aug 11 2008 9:09pm
May 09 2010 5:10pm
... i! How may I help you? If you need help with retirement planning particularly with your he ... more
Mar 23 2012 6:32am
Buyer Beware if you are considering Inogen We just "wore out" our 2nd unit with a total of ... more
Oct 30 2009 4:17pm
Sorry - the link didn't come up - this is the page information which explains things fur ... more
May 23 2011 4:14pm
Great post Sheryl. I am a big believer in faking it to make it. If people can visualiz ... more
Jun 02 2008 11:43am
"ACT has also shown promise in treating addiction. In one study, drug addicts reported less drug use with ACT than with a 12-step program. And ACT worked better ... more
Jul 02 2008 8:09pm