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26-miles Marathon Origin - Questions & Answers

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... ! There are two aspects to training for a marathon. Training to complete the distance a ... more
Dec 12 2008 4:27pm
... imilar situation as you - I had run two half marathons and countless 5ks but the thought o ... more
Mar 01 2012 8:36pm
... f another 30 years before I go to that great marathon in trhe sky. more
Dec 08 2008 10:31pm
... others’) advice to do no long distance with tribes like the Tarahumara who run marathon distances daily?” Just How Much Do The Tarahumara Run? The simple a ... more
Jun 26 2008 5:03am
... ome good considerations for those planning a marathon. Thanks for posting them. Concerning ... more
Dec 12 2008 8:24pm
I would plan on a run/walk strategy from the very beginning. You will more than likely be ... more
Aug 20 2010 2:19pm
... t it? I think of it as if I have completed a marathon, and these pains are the after effec ... more
Jan 30 2013 6:05pm
Good points, thanks! Another factor is to run negative splits in your training and races ... more
Dec 12 2008 8:51pm
Thanks for sharing with us. Staying hydrated is critical to good health. A cup of water ... more
Dec 12 2008 3:57pm
The voice box or larynx is at the base of the throat. The cough reflex resides there and ... more
Jan 27 2011 11:08pm