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Got Down Syndrome is a blog of a girl who has a brother with Down syndrome. She shares her findings, research about Down syndrome and life with someone who has Down syndrome. There is so much potential for individuals with Down syndrome and any research or great resources are posted on here.... Full Bio
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Hello all my blog followers!

I am still here and alive. I'm sorry for such a long time in blog posts. My life has had a lot of interesting, amazing, crazy things go on in the...

Down Syndrome Track at AutismOne Conference 2012

  Andi Durkin has been working on putting a Down Syndrome Information "track" together at the Autism One Conference 2012. Here's the rest of...

Life On The Ranch: Spring Time = Babies

Ranch life has been popping with lots of new life the last couple months. There's baby chicks.... Baby goats... Little...

Something Funny From the Little O-Man

Blogging has been on the back burner so far this year. But, I thought I'd pop in here and share a cute little story about O. He's quite the...

John Marrs inducted into the National Honor Society!

Breaking the blogging-hiatus for a moment here :). Jenny Marrs, who I have shared articles from before , wrote me the beginning of March and...

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