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After many years of struggling with infertility, PVED founder, Marna Gatlin, discovered that the... Full Bio
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Lots of things -- if you are over weight your hormones can cause no periods, if you... more
Jun 15 2009 5:14pm
We know that the primary reasons embryos don't make it to blast is they don't have the... more
Jun 15 2009 11:06am
You say you lost a pregnancy two months ago, and I wanted to say I am sorry about that... more
Jun 10 2009 4:06pm
I think if it were me I'd make an appointment with my family doctor and have a... more
Jun 10 2009 3:08pm
 I have seen babies breech at 37 wks, vertex (head down)  at 38 wks, breech and then... more
Jun 10 2009 10:18am
Hi there - Wasp stings are the worst.  If you are still  itchy and the regular over the... more
Jun 10 2009 9:31am
Hi there - This is something that you need to call your OBGYN/Midwife about.  It's... more
Jun 10 2009 9:29am
Call your dentist and share with them that you are pregnant and how many weeks... more
Jun 10 2009 9:26am
Hi there Momof3 - I'd go back to your OBGYN and share with them what you have shared... more
Jun 08 2009 8:29am
Hi there -  First of all congrats on your pregnancy!  There are lots of reasons... more
Jun 08 2009 8:24am