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Aug 11 2009 10:29am
Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacterial infection that can be found in a... more
Aug 11 2009 10:54am
Hi there - You need to have your FSH taken on day three of your cycle when you are off... more
Aug 11 2009 10:26am
Hi there - The only way for certain is for you to make an appointment with your doctor... more
Aug 11 2009 10:21am
Yes - You need to go back and be seen and be re-evaluated. Take care Marna more
Jul 24 2009 3:26pm
Any sort of bleeding or spotting that isn't associated with your regular menstrual... more
Jul 24 2009 12:56am
Hey there - You know only your OGBYN is really going to be able to give you a... more
Jul 24 2009 12:52am
Hi Shellfox -- That would be indicative of a call to your OBGYN.  Your discharge could... more
Jul 24 2009 12:50am
Hi there - Well, anytime you have unprotected sex you run the chance of conceiving.  I... more
Jul 24 2009 12:46am
I think you need to go take a home pregnancy test:) more
Jun 16 2009 11:12am
If that were me I'd make a trip into my GYN for a looksee.  You don't want anything... more
Jun 16 2009 11:07am