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Health Maven's Answer
If I were you I would go to my nearest emergency room and have them examin you to rule... more
Sep 26 2009 2:51pm
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and... more
Sep 26 2009 2:45pm
I would call your OBGYN and schedule an appointment for your doctor to examin you to see... more
Sep 26 2009 2:44pm
Hi there - Congrats on your baby.  Typically hCG can remain in your system for up to a... more
Sep 26 2009 2:36pm
The best thing for you to do is to call a chord banking clinic and ask them if what... more
Sep 26 2009 2:32pm
I am so very sorry you miscarried.  This drug  is classified as a Pregnancy Category... more
Sep 26 2009 2:30pm
Hi there - Congratulations on your pregnancy:)  Blood is always kinda scary. And while... more
Sep 26 2009 2:23pm
Hi there - Brown blood is old blood and in many women totally normal and how they... more
Aug 30 2009 11:52am
Hi there - brown spotting while worriesome can be nothing more than implantation... more
Aug 12 2009 9:54am
Hi Cassie Sounds to me like you are passing your mucus plug, and yes it looks kinda... more
Aug 11 2009 5:17pm