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mesquite, Texas
I'm trying to get healthy again after a medicine induced thyroid problem that caused my weight to climb to 153lbs. I'm on thyroid medicine now and have lost most of the weight but would also like to be toned up. My weight goal is about 100lbs. Give or take a few lbs. since I've never realy been verry muscular I may decide I like a higher weight better since muscle weighs more than fat.
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Has anyone heard about the possible link between lithium and immune system caused thyroid dysfunction?

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Dec 04 2011 by psychobunny
 My doctor now seems determined to either off me or F me up royaly. He keeps giving me scrips for meds that  A.cause ulcers  B.should not be taken with lithium ..Thanks doc! I already have 7 ulcers and have been on lithium for longer than I've been seeing him but I love when somebody F's up my meds. It's my life but hey have fun ending it!
Oct 03 2011 by psychobunny biopsy or not..either way I'm in the same boat on the results...the can't do **** boat. So why bother? Knowledge is only a weapon if you can use it not if it can use you.
Jun 17 2011 by psychobunny
Well looks like I will be going to a hematologist/oncologist sometime next week. I wouldn't mind half as much if my doc hadn't put the oncologist part on there. Hopefully this will bring some answers about the high white cell counts.