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I've lived with mental illness for most of my life. It started out as Depression in my teens, and then by the time I was 20 I started having symptoms of Schizophrenia. I went untreated until I was 20. Some of the emotional pain from my childhood is still with me. This blog is about my life... Full Bio
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Well, an unfortunate event occurred. I fell down the stairs at my house and sprained my ankle pretty bad. The doctor at the hospital said I...

After all...

So I've had some caffeine and figured I'd write while there were some words in me. Perhaps my meds are too strong. My psychiatrist is going to...

Victory at Last

Beat the veteran computer player in Scrabble , my first word was a Bingo (I used all seven letters) and my final score was 407. It is my second...

Never Ending Appointments

I am so used to being a file clerk now that I am starting to enjoy it. It is relatively low-stress, and the anxiety I had over it has...


So it's already February. Been listening to Staind's The Singles 1996-2006. I am getting lowered on one of my meds because the high dose is...

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