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I have decided that too much of my time has been spent trying to figure out how to live against Multiple Sclerosis; it's time now to learn to live with this disease. I hope that this blog will help me achieve that goal. I also hope that it will be a way of reaching out to others with MS. Armed... Full Bio
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Chicken in the Sky

When Deb’s mother died we inherited a house full of art – all of it beautiful. One of my favorite paintings we already owned, though. It is...

Fall Risks

As I said in “Back to Myself,” one of the effects of the overdose of medication that I experienced recently was hallucinations. Among those was...

Genealogy, Or Fictions We Tell Ourselves

All my life I was close to my paternal grandfather, especially as I got older. As a matter of fact, for the last six or seven years of his life...

What We Leave Behind

The Psyché 1876; “The Cheval Glass” by Berthe Morisot During my first year of teaching at the University of Cincinnati, the father of...


Jill and I retiled a table recently. It’s a small piece, one that Deb and I brought back from her mother’s house when we cleaned it out after...

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