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I have decided that too much of my time has been spent trying to figure out how to live against Multiple Sclerosis; it's time now to learn to live with this disease. I hope that this blog will help me achieve that goal. I also hope that it will be a way of reaching out to others with MS. Armed... Full Bio
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My Grandmother’s Funeral, Or, Isolation and Chronic Illness

Nearly twenty years after my paternal grandmother’s funeral, I still feel deep sadness when I remember that day. As I stood in front of the room...

Mademoiselle V, Depression and Multiple Sclerosis

It hit like a body blow – fast, hard, and unexpected. In the course of a day, I went from feeling unwell but reasonably happy to deeply...

Waiting for Bloomers, Or, From Corsets to the MS Hug

Though our political and social attitudes could not have been more different, my paternal grandfather and I shared an intense emotional...

MRSA, Baclofen Pumps, and Mormon Crickets

Over the years, Deb and I have many times traveled to New Mexico to visit her mother; more often than not, we extend those visits into vacation...

Becoming a Person I Hardly Recognize

I’m intimidated by physicians. It’s not a concern about intellectual equality; I spent my career surrounded by brilliant, highly educated, and...

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