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How to keep ourself motivated to go for walking everyday?

  Its really really difficult to get up early in the morning everyday since i dont have time to go for walking and other cardio during daytime...I...

how to reduce weight while breastfeeding? does this affects the baby?

 I have to reduce 40 pounds and im in the process..most of them say it is not good to reduce weight now..I am going for walking for 20 minutes...

how to lose 40 pounds?

     I am 24 years old and my baby is 7 months height is 154cm and weight is 71kg...I really cant imagine how long it would take me to...
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Apr 30 2009 by Todd S.
Keep up the good efforts with your exercise.  If you try to increase from 3 days per week with your walking to 5, you can double your weight loss next month!  Great job last month though and keep trying, you'll get there :O)

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