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Princess Lupus

Castaic, California
I've always been a Princess. Now I am a Princess with Lupus. I have a number of other medical conditions but I bet that you have never heard of MCTD, Scleroderma, Polymyositis or Sjogren's I just say Lupus, it's easier. I am sick & tired of being sick & tired. So I started... Full Bio
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No My Baby Doesn't Beat Me!

It's been a while since I posted. I'm all backed up with things to write about. This post was originally started sometime in July. Please forgive...

No My Husband Doesn't Beat Me!

My arm on a regular day. Specifically 5/11/2011 Also 5/11/2011, it's really hard to take...

A Happy & Sad Birthday & Anniversary

My baby girl turned 5, which also marks somewhat of an anniversary of my first flare as my auto-immune conditions were triggered by my pregnancy....

Laughter Not Lupus

While Lupus is a large part of my life, it is not my WHOLE life, at least I work at it not taking over. Another Lupus blogger noted that she had...

Am I A Green Tea Party Pooper?

I saw this article today and it made me think Green Tea Helps Fight Autoimmune Disease How many things can Green Tea really cure? Is it...

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