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I am a raw vegan nutritionist and personal lifestyle coach, as well as a medical hypnotherapist,... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
You can snack on just about any vegetable.  After a while, though, eating carrot... more
Jan 17 2009 12:07pm
I am gathering that you mean that you eat vegetables and you eat meat.   Perhaps you... more
Jan 17 2009 12:29pm
If your friend wants to eat meat again, that is her choice. I decided to eat meat... more
Jan 17 2009 2:28pm
Go to This is a link to raw vegan restaurants in... more
Jan 18 2009 7:02pm
Although it is ideal to eat organic foods on a raw vegan diet, it is better to be raw... more
Feb 11 2009 7:47pm
Typically, a raw food diet (often referred to as a raw vegan diet) ists  one where you... more
Feb 11 2009 8:12pm
It has been suggested that hair loss is associated with low protein intake.  Several... more
Mar 03 2009 10:09am
No, soy cheese is not a raw food.  If you are lookng for a commercially prepared... more
Mar 21 2009 10:59am
Raw nuts and seeds (and things made with them), bean and seed sprouts of all kinds,... more
Mar 21 2009 11:10am
May 15 2009 4:06pm
I would like to know, first, why you are interested in creatine.  Creatine is a... more
May 15 2009 5:22pm