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is it a miracle? am i possibly finally pregnant my period isnt for another 7 days, but my ovulation day was jan. 31st. i had sex with my fiance on ...
Feb 06 2013 4:22pm
could i be pregnant ?? ohkay so i got my period nov. 20-24th i think.. so the last time i had unprotected sex was the 24th ...
Dec 13 2012 1:45pm
Could I be pregnant ?? I was on family planning and was not very constant on that ,i went for an injection in May then ne ...
Oct 04 2012 8:26am
could i be pregnant? i was on birth control pills, i had unprotected sex with my fiance, i had  a period last week, one d ...
Aug 15 2012 2:45pm
You could be but, when was the last time that you were on birth control.  I know when... more
Sep 24 2012 4:55am
Is it possible?? My boyfriend started his workout sessions this week and one of the supplements that he's taking is c ...
Jul 26 2012 11:16pm
I think you should ask a doctor.. cos i try all the drugs on planet and it never worked,... more
Aug 15 2012 6:30am
I GOT PREGNANT @ AGE 51 WITH THE HELPS OF SOME... Hello Everyone i am Sheri from Houston Tx,i am on here to share my testimony,so that people who ar ...
Jun 30 2012 1:06pm
Could I be pregnant? I have been off of birth control for over a year and my husband and I have been trying to get preg ...
Jun 07 2012 9:37pm
IVF Slideshow on  Just wanted to share a link to a slideshow on that documents an IVF cycle. Here's the l ...
Nov 30 2011 5:02am
What does it mean? My periods are always regular and my last one ended 8 days ago but  two nights ago i started bleedin ...
Oct 16 2011 9:08am
it might just mean an abnormal period, if your really worried about it ask your doctor. more
Dec 08 2011 10:39pm
Information on Infertility treatment Hi, I am Dianne and i am a doing a case study on Infertility treatment which involves their ...
Apr 27 2011 12:28pm
Hi Dianne,      Check out ASRM's, American society of Reproductive Medicine website... more
Jul 05 2011 9:00am