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Infertility: When Adoption is NOT an Option by flakymn I especially liked the quote by Sarah's friend Justine. She speaks directly to the question that so many people ask of infertile couples. "Why don't you adopt?" "An ... Read on »
Friday Funnies by flakymn Me: "Sidge could you please get some plates out for dinner?" Sidge: "No thank you." Me: "Well, yes, I need you to get them." Sidge: "But you asked me!" Me: "I know. Bu ... Read on »
Getting good Dominion Fertility. by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor Grades are important. There is just no way around this simple fact. On the other hand, a sense of fashion is not as important...which can explain how I got into and thri ... Read on »
Who is Happiest After IVF? by flakymn A fantastic article during National Infertility Awareness Week, an actual research study on who finds the most happiness after IVF. The results are awesome! I think this p ... Read on »
National Infertility Awareness Week by flakymn National Infertility Awareness Week is being held this year from April 19-April 25. This is a time to educate others about infertility and the family building journey, a ... Read on »
2nd Triathlon ... Done! by flakymn I had a blast even though, midway through, you start thinking, "What in the world I am doing this to myself for?" When you start so far back in the swim line, ... Read on »
Save 25% In Honor of National Infertility Awareness Week: LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is Offering... by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and the theme is You Are Not Alone. LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting has always promised to stand by the side of those n ... Read on »