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2 out of 3. Germany here we come. by Little Wonders It seems like our summer here at home lasted exactly one month - between our cold and wet spring, and the fact that we'll now be gone for most of August - but we'v ... Read on »
A message from Criss by flakymn A message from Criss -- from our currently sponsored couple: Joel & Criss To help with our adoption costs I have signed up to sell Thirty-One!  If you are interested ... Read on »
Shipment by flakymn Our stuff is due in on Tuesday. I am trying to keep the faith that it will be mold-free, but we have now received word of a FOURTH family that has had an entire shipmen ... Read on »
It Works.. review by NicoleD I was provided a packet from It Works! for review from a local distributor. (If you want her contact information, let me know I wold be happy to provide it)... When ... Read on »
I blamed my wife for our messy house, I was wrong for many reasons by flakymn Just read this article and wanted to share.  There were two paragraphs that especially stood out to me ... The author writes: We got into a huge fight. Mel told me ... Read on »
Time to Wee-Wind! (It's Wednesday!) by flakymn On this date in 2009 , we arrived in Snowmass, Colorado.  JB had a Conference he was attending. I joined him with two little boys in tow. My great friend Kelsey join ... Read on »
It's Off to Work He Goes! by flakymn JB's work is so very different from anything he has done the last four years. The last four years were pretty predictably Monday thru Friday full workdays. He would also ... Read on »
Mama Midwife - Winner by NicoleD The winner, drawn from is... ... GINA! Gina, be sure to get in contact with me to get your copy! :) Read on »
The IVF Journal: Your Infertility Journey’s New, Super-Organized Best Friend by Keiko Zoll Health Impact Award Having spent some time talking with my friend Stephanie Fry about her new book , The IVF Journal, I gained a lot more insight about all the literal blood, sweat and tears ... Read on »