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Scapegoats and Birth Teams by NicoleD Dear Nurse - "I don't like doulas. Just in case my actions didn't make it obvious enough, let me spell it out for you - 'your presence isn't welcome. You complicate my jo ... Read on »
Nope, Embryos STILL Aren’t People. by Keiko Zoll Health Impact Award This is your quarterly reminder that no: eggs, sperm, fertilized eggs, blastocysts, and/or embryos are not people. I know it seems like such a no-brainer at this point. I ... Read on »
First Step by One Who Understands .. Friday we had our initial consult with the clinic here in our new city. It was a very through appointment. They have you feel out an extensive questionnaire online before yo ... Read on »
Non traditional gift giving by flakymn This year JB and I have asked all of our family members to consider giving our kids the "Gift of Time." We have really been convicted by how many things they are getting ... Read on »
Papaya and Pitocin by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional A few weeks ago, a student quietly pulled me aside after class to talk to me about my recommendation for papaya enzymes to help relieve her heartburn. She said t ... Read on »
Confession: I locked her out of the kitchen for no reason at all by flakymn I did. I admit it. I had just cleaned my kitchen, and I decided, for no particular reason, that I wasn't going to allow my one year old to come in. So I closed ... Read on »