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The good days and the bad ... by Little Wonders We have some simple phrases that we repeat to Lennox every day to help him understand that we will be his family forever. One of those phrases is that "we stick together. ... Read on »
Miracles Egg Donation Owner, Allison Layton, Sentenced to Prison by SouadDreyfus Patient Expert Your hopes and dreams rest on having a baby. You’ve tried what may feel like a million options, have set your hopes high, have felt the disappointment of a failed attemp ... Read on »
Dear mother of the infertile woman, by flakymn I write this to the mothers. But it really is for fathers too. It's just that mothers are usually the ones more directly involved. They are the ones privy to the personal ... Read on »
Prayer requested by flakymn I fell down four stairs today in our home while holding Hannah. My right foot is really sore. JB is not sure how badly I have hurt it, but we are both hopeful it is just a b ... Read on »
Friday Funnies by flakymn Sidge: "Mom, I've discovered a new way to find cavities." Me: "Okay, how?" Sidge: "You go to the mirror with your lego Yoda flashlight, shine it, and chec ... Read on »
Finding a Donor Egg For Your Second Child by Gail Sexton Anderson We are always excited to have one of our clients return to us when it’s time to expand their family after a successful first egg donation cycle. Thomas and Jennifer came t ... Read on »