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What we be up to by flakymn JB was off on Tuesday! In the morning, he went grocery shopping with Abigail while I went to the gym for a jog on the treadmill. (I've joined a gym right next to K ... Read on »
Birth: Don’t Push the River, Let It Flow by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional I will rarely make a blanket statement about birth. However, one thing I can say with certainty is to be open to the unexpected. Recently, I have been having ... Read on »
First snow by flakymn Our boys have seen snow. When we lived in Turkey, though it was very warm, you could drive just four hours and be up the mountain in snow! The three oldest also saw ... Read on »
Still Can't Believe It by flakymn Once a month, I take the boys to "Lego Homeschool Club." They absolutely love it. It is once a month for two hours. They free-play and then they make something related to a ... Read on »
Because of Isaac: Help our "Lull" by flakymn Our first couple is Joel and Criss (pictured at right). Joel is actually the nephew of Joan and Roy. Joan and Roy are my son Isaac's birth grandparents. This is a strong C ... Read on »
Supermarket Superfoods by Debra .. Registered Dietician Have you ever clicked on an article about a superfood only to find that the super food was super hard to find in local stores or super expensive? Not this superfood! ... Read on »
Friday Funnies by flakymn And of course, what would Friday Funnies be without Sidge piping in. This week he asked me if there would be legos in heaven. " Maybe Jesus will ... Read on »