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Believe it or not – I’m still here! by Keiko Zoll Health Impact Award Been more than a little busy in the last year. Working on lots of projects and also working on a lot of things behind the scenes at The Infertility Voice, like a brand-new ... Read on »
The day we met our son. by Little Wonders The day we finally met our son really started the day before, on July 31st, when we got up at 2:30am to catch a train to catch a flight to catch another flight to Ethiopia! ... Read on »
No More Waiting for Junior. by Little Wonders It has been almost exactly 2 years since we first learned about Junior ... and we have spent every single day of that time waiting. Waiting for a broken system to do move e ... Read on »
Back on track by One Who Understands .. Well it has been a stressful few weeks as BM has been thinking over her decision. We have prayed and fasted a lot. The greatest blessing is I have really felt peace this who ... Read on »
Prenatal Yoga Tips For Optimal Fetal Position (Homework!) by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional Deb Flashenberg, founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center shows you some simple stretches to help you relax and encourage optimal fetal positioning a ... Read on »
Another good reason to have consents notarized... by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor Although my taste in movies tends to run towards science fiction and/or fantasy,  I recently happened upon Gone Girl while channel surfing one night. It was late and I h ... Read on »
Humanize your physician: They are real people by flakymn Humanize your physician: They are real people Read on »
Post-ballet musings by flakymn We are absolutely, completely, and utterly partial to our own child! Even the grandparents that came with me are head over heals for "our" kiddo. ... Read on »