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Hannah gets dressed by flakymn Seriously, this kid is amazing at getting dressed. Never puts on things backwards and can even get things "right side on."    But the truth? Here she is just a ... Read on »
Sleep Q&A by flakymn I receive many emails a month from individuals facing severe sleep battles with their young children. I wanted to try to compile some of the Q&A questions so that people cou ... Read on »
Confession: I am a compulsive eater! by flakymn This is a guest post by a friend of mine. Please know that I am ALWAYS interested in letting my voice be a Blog for YOUR voice. If you have something you want to share, pl ... Read on »
"Brain Food" Skillet Granola by Debra .. Registered Dietician   We love some good granola around here! Low-carb granola and milk can be a nutrient-rich way to start the day or a quick healthy mid-day snack (or l ... Read on »
My New Favorite Author by flakymn Ya'll know me. And ya'll know I love to read. Not that I have a ton of time, but I do try to spend every evening, after all the kiddos have gone to bed, curled up with m ... Read on »
Sequence for Kids by flakymn I have had more and more people reaching out to me and asking for recommendations for Christmas presents. I wanted to take a moment to review a game that is fantastic ... Read on »
Dear Hannah, by flakymn Dear Hannah, In our house kids nap until they are at least 4. Your big sister, Abigail, still takes a nap regularly. Your brothers were just released from their hour ... Read on »