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You shouldn’t try to transport a 9 foot tree in a tiny blue beetle…

Posted Jan 03 2011 7:47am

Mandy and Jamie arrived on Wednesday afternoon with a sleigh full of toys and clothes for the trio.  My house looked like Santa exploded literally minutes after they arrived.  I’ve attempted to establish that maybe one toy and one clothing item would be more appropriate in the future.  We’ll see if Mandy listens…

Mandy brought Mike Olney’s infamous Joe’s pizza so we rewarmed it for dinner that evening and made cocktails.  There isn’t much better than Mandy, Mike, and a Joe’s pizza.  Brings back lots of good memories!

On Thursday morning, all three kiddos had doctor’s appointments so Mike and I took them there (more on that in another post) and then Mandy, Jamie, and I took the trio to Starved Rock Lodge for lunch.  Bo, Clara, and Anna were all well behaved and received plenty of attention.  I joked with Jamie and Mandy about trying to take the kids out for lunch on  my own.  They agreed — at this point, it definitely isn’t a one-person undertaking!

While the kids napped, Mandy and Jamie ventured to Illinois River Winery for a tasting.  When Mike returned home, he sent the three of us on our way for a night out.  We hit Target first and I found a new Christmas tree that I couldn’t live without.  I’d been looking for one and this one was 50% off!  We (aka Mandy) loaded it in the cart.  I didn’t think much about it until we pulled the cart up outside and remembered we were in Mandy’s tiny blue beetle.  And there were three of us.  Oh my!
Needless to say, I ended up folded up like a pretzel sitting practically on top of the tree and Mandy could barely navigate her foot to work the gas pedal on the way to the restaurant.  However, the martini’s at Brandy’s (my favorite Illinois Valley area restaurant) more than made up for the less than comfortable riding conditions.  We talked and laughed over an extended dinner and dessert and then headed back home.  Mike was being saintly and had cleaned up the Christmas explosion!  We watched parts of my wedding video (fast-forwarding through quite a bit!) and then chatted some more, remembering our younger years. Bo was thrilled to have Aunt Manny here for a visit and even called Jamie Aunt during their visit as well!  Fun was had by all!
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