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Yoga for New Moms

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: I think it's important for the mom to take care of herself because there's so much being asked of her and she needs to refuel.

ANNOUNCER: For some new moms, yoga not only helps get them back in shape, it helps them be better mothers.

DONNA, NEW MOM: Coming to postnatal allows me to give back to myself and ultimately in giving back to myself then I have more to give to her.

REBECCA, NEW MOM: It's really nice to hear just, you know, people are going through the same things. It wasn't just you and you weren't the only one awake, you know, at 3:00 in the morning, that everyone else was.

ANNOUNCER: A postnatal yoga class will also modify moves for new moms

DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: We do safe abdominals because 90% of women get what's called diastasis. It's when the abdominum rectus, the six-pack muscles, they separate. So we need to focus on how we do abdominal work.

ANNOUNCER: New moms have other areas that need special attention, too

DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: After pregnancy the back muscles really need to be focused on and strengthened (edit) also chest opening because so much of their time, if they're not breastfeeding, you know, maybe they're bottle feeding but there is a lot of falling forward with the shoulders so we need to open and strengthen the back and open the chest. Also anything to help strengthen the inner thighs and the pelvic floor.

ANNOUNCER: Of course, new moms should check with their doctor before exercising.

DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: If they had a c-section I really don't feel comfortable with them back in class until six weeks, especially the caesarian. I give the same advice four to six weeks for a vaginal birth. Bleeding has to stop. I really try to encourage giving some time for the body to heal.

ANNOUNCER: And in this class, babies are more than welcome

DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: I want them to feel comfortable and calm and that I'm here to help them. And if it means holding a baby, strapping on a bjorn, holding the baby, I don't have a problem with that.

ANNOUNCER: Another bonus? Getting some much needed rest.

DEB FLASHENBERG, THE PRENATAL YOGA CENTER: We'll do some restorative poses at the end. So they've worked really hard but since most of them are very sleep deprived they also get a chance to rest we try to give them a fair amount of relaxation.

ANNOUNCER: Thanks for joining us on today's Once Daily!

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