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Yes, There Are Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

Posted Jun 09 2011 11:00am

Pregnancy_stages_s5_pregnancy_symptoms Pregnancy takes your mind and body through an ongoing stream of changes. On a basic level, your body is making unusual amounts of hormones. At certain times, this can cause you to feel exhausted, forgetful, or moody. On top of that, you will be preoccupied with how your body is quickly changing, worrying about how to manage symptoms, worrying about the pregnancy going well, finances, and keeping up with everyday life.

It is common to go through many of the following changes in a pregnancy:

First trimester: Extreme fatigue or morning sickness can color your daily life. Moodiness (as with premenstrual syndrome) is normal. Happiness and anxiety about the new pregnancy are also common.

Second trimester: Fatigue, morning sickness, and moodiness usually improve or go away. You may feel more forgetful and disorganized than before. Feeling heavier than normal, then looking visibly pregnant and feeling the baby move can make you feel any number of emotions.

Third trimester: Forgetfulness may continue. As your due date nears, it is common to feel more anxious about the childbirth. As you feel more tired and uncomfortable, you may find yourself being more irritable.

For some women, serious anxiety or depression problems improve during pregnancy. For others, they do not. If you suffer from insomnia, sadness, tearfulness, anxiety, hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, irritability, appetite change, or poor concentration, talk to your health professional. Without treatment, mental health problems will get in the way of a healthy pregnancy.

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