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Would I be having an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Posted by mosha13

I've had an IUD the Paraguard to be exact for 9 months, i was feeling weird when having sexual relations so i went to get it checked they said that it was moved and falling off so they took it out. they said that i could be pregnant they made a test and came out negative i did 2 test allready and are negative but, i have been having some symptombs that are like pregnancy they are:




Tenderd breast

Pelvic Pain

Lower Left abdominal pain

Pee alot

and what to eat alot

would that be a siggn of a pregnancy? Can somebody please help me find out or what would i need to do because i feel like if i was pregnancy and the test have came out negative. If you would help me out i would appreviated alot. thanks  

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