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World TTTS Awareness Day

Posted Dec 09 2009 9:10am
I'm a few days late in posting about this because, well, things are crazy around here as usual ;) But I did want to not let TTTS Awareness Day go by without me acknowledging it. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about creating awareness for this tragic disease.

We were one of the lucky ones seeing a high-risk doctor from the beginning of our pregnancy because the reproductive endocrinologist who did our IVF was already aware of the risks involved in an identical twin pregnancy. Because of his diligence in referring us to a perinatal clinic when so many people think twins are no big deal, and because of the knowledge of the perinatal doctors at that clinic, the girls TTTS was discovered at a very early stage. And because of another group of dedicated doctors and nurses down in Texas who have literally dedicated their lives to saving TTTS babies, we were able to have the laser surgery that saved our girls' lives.

I know way too many other cases, however, where the couple maybe didn't even know they were having identical twins and by the time the babies TTTS was discovered, it was too late. And even with a successful laser surgery, survival rates for both babies are only just over 50%. That is not enough!
So if you know anyone who is pregnant with twins, make sure they ask their doctor if their twins are identical, are sharing a placenta and are therefore at risk for TTTS. Too many babies have been lost to this cruel disease.
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