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Wonky Toes

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:21pm 1 Comment
The feet seen on the banner at the top of the page, those are Bo's feet, at 3 weeks old.

One aspect of Bo's birth story that I remember quite vividly is how the nurse who took his footprints, just a few minutes after he was born, had trouble fitting his massive feet on the stickers that they give new moms for baby books or scrapbooks. His feet barely fit on the keepsake stickers.

After seeing Bo's footprints, Mike said, "Look, he has your alien toe." And it's true. I do have two alien toes. The fourth toe on each of my feet is quite wonky looking with a big rounded tip and a skinny bottom. It curls under oddly with my other toes. It's just plain strange. Upon closer inspection it quickly became clear that yes, Bo was blessed with my wonky toes.

(I'll pause here for you to scroll up and examine the banner more closely. Can you see it? His fourth toe... the one that looks all wonky.... Yep. I only allowed my son to inherit the best traits from me -- wonky toes, big ears. Poor kid.)

I guess all this really shouldn't be a surprise to me. I knew all along that I had a baby with big feet. He liked to lodge them in my ribcage and I can remember countless times, especially during my 4 th block class this fall, when I would rub right under my ribs and pray for my little boy to curl his feet up and give me a bit of relief. The one maternity dress I owned, and wore to work constantly due to its comfort, has a hole right at the rib line from my constant rubbing and trying to push his 'little' feet down. Even during labor, my epidural cut off at my belly button and I could feel Bo kicking off with his feet to try to shoot himself down the birth canal.

And now, well, I'm in love with his little feet. I love to kiss them. To wash the toe-jam out of them. To photograph them. To dress him up and put on his great big socks (the newborn ones I bought looked like toe puppets when I tried to put them on him in the hospital!). Sometimes, I just slip his little foot out of his outfit and stare at it. Seriously, how adorable are little baby feet?? Even the ones with wonky toes are pretty darn cute to me.

Mike and Bo's feet. Bo was 3 months old for this photograph. Notice the "wonky" toe on his right foot.

More Bo toes -- still wonky.

Yep, wonky.

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My daughter who is now 9 was born with an extra diget..  A thumb to be more specific..  I had it removed when she was about 1 in a hal.  I thoughtit was addorable but i knew how the other children would look at it..  I to would just hold her littel hand and stare at the littel extra thumb she had..  She would hold her bottel with the two thumbs it was so cute..  The only pic i had of it burned in a fire we had years ago..  I wish i still had it it shows how extronadny our children really are...
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