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Woman Breastfeeding in Pool

Posted Dec 05 2008 12:14pm

There is a story that made headlines recently involving a woman breastfeeding her baby in a private pool.  She was outraged when the staff asked her to leave the pool to nurse her baby.  You can read the entire story here:

This woman irritates me and gives nursing a bad name.

First of all, as one person pointed out, nursing your baby after swimming in a pool is rather gross. You are putting chemicals and other people’s germs into your baby’s mouth by not showering first.  I do agree with this statement to a point but if your baby is swimming in the pool too, chances are the baby already managed to get pool water in it’s mouth so this doesn’t bother me too much.

Second, it does bother me when people do just whip their breasts out in public. I can’t imagine she was covered up at all in a bathing suit.  I feel like you should try to be a little discreet in public. I think the public, weather right or wrong, feels uncomfortable to see an entire breast out to nurse a baby. It gives us breastfeeding moms a bad name so I think everyone should try and cover up somewhat.  Third, she was sitting on the step of the pool so that everyone had to walk around her to get in or out of the pool. This seems rude and could have been a safety issue.

However, all that aside, my number one complaint was breastfed babies should be treated the same as everyone else. I am outraged that she thinks that feeding a baby in the pool was okay. Is it okay for a bottle fed baby to have a bottle in the pool? How about her, can she swim around eating a sandwich? Would she give her older kids a snack in a private pool? The answer is very clearly no. I am sure that the pool has strict rules about eating in the pool.  She was not being discriminated against in my opinion, she was being treated like everyone else. If I owned the pool, I wouldn’t want milk or food of any kind to get into my water.  I am sure the pool prides itself on keeping the pool clean. If she was allowed to nurse in the pool, what would stop anyone from eating in the pool?

In my opinion, this woman is giving breast feeding a bad name and should shut up and apologize already.

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