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Woah Snowa!

Posted Dec 20 2012 11:31am
Despite Minnesota being a very, very cold place to live, the amount of snow we got in Rochester when we lived here (2003-2007) was not extreme. I can only remember about a half dozen times that ALL the schools in the local area closed. (At most, you'd get a late start -- enough time for the plows to clear the way.) When I was a teacher our first year here, I think we only had one snow day the entire year I worked there. It's not the norm. (The picture at left is of Lesley and her son Caleb shoveling the driveway this morning.)

But Rochester has gotten a bunch of snow and the kids across the street are celebrating with sledding and romping in the newly fallen snow. While the local amount is estimated to be under a half foot, the areas right around us are forecasted to see up to twenty inches! Woah!

It's a little disappointing as I was supposed to meet with (a) my coworkers from the RLS Foundation this a.m. and (b) an old friend, Beth Bailey, this afternoon. But the weather has forced us to cancel all plans. Beth was going to have to make a drive from Minneapolis and the weather is just too rough. So instead, today will be a lot more "lay low" then I was planning on.

While that part is disappointing, beautiful snow is always a wonderful sight. If it is going to be cold, it might as well snow. I'm going to sit and enjoy the snow. I'm also going to sit and miss my kiddos a bunch. They are doing fantastically with Grampa and Grama K.; Papa and Grama Di; and their Roy and Joni to entertain them as well as their four cousins. But man I miss those little buggers something fierce. I know they are having a great time being spoiled immensely which brings me comfort. But I can't wait to hug them again this weekend.

Transfer is scheduled for Saturday morning. I'll keep everyone posted if anything changes. We won't know how the embryos are doing until we go in that morning.
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