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will my doctor/ midwife induce me at 32weeks as im in a lot of pain and can not do anything or eat anything

Posted by terri87

i can not walk or move around in bed or get up off the sofa im stugling to eat and drink anything but water im in so much pain im considering taking castor oil to get this baby out unless a doctor induces me i really carnt take this anymore im 32 weeks pregnant and strugling to look after my 17 month old daughter cause of the pain im in
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I think it is very important for you to talk to your doctor/midwife about this pain.  It is very important for your baby to have as much of a chance of development in utero as possible.  A baby that is borm prematurely has a greater chance of health problems, especially breathing problems due to the fact the lungs will not be fully developed.  It is hard for people to understand your question without knowing what kind of pain you are in.  Your doctor needs you to communicate with them!

  I have two children and know how hard it is to take care of a toddler while you are at the end of your pregnancy.  I was very ill in the last trimester of my 2nd pregnancy.  I know it is hard sometimes to ask your friends, community and doctor/midwife for help, but that is what they are there for.  Have you considered asking for help from a Doula?  There may be Doula's out there who are willing to help you out.  If you can't afford a Doula there are Doula's in training who can help you for free.  Ask a midwife to help you with finding a Doula or go to the Doulas of North America Website (DONA):


Please don't take Castor oil yet, think of your health and the health of your baby first.  Ask for help!


 Dalene Barton, CD, Herbalist


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