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Wicked Slippery

Posted Jan 25 2013 3:38pm
Another Friday afternoon in the center of the known universe (Washington, DC) and the town is shutting down under threat of snow. Yes, that is correct....threat of snow. No snow has actually fallen from the sky but all local school systems have shut down and all after-school events are cancelled. The only thing missing from today's Snowpocolypse is.....("wait for it")...snow.

The sign in the photo is actually from a state which does get winter weather and miraculously enough continues to function in a near normal fashion in spite of the cold, white stuff.

I have taken it upon myself to catch up on many comments that I failed to respond to since November. For this lack of responsiveness I am very sorry. However, I fully understand the desire of patients to receive prompt and accurate answers to pressing questions. So I have attached the Health Tap widget to this blog. I have been responding to posts on the Health Tap website for a couple of months. Seems like a pretty interesting concept. Doctors respond to patient questions but both are limited in the character counts..kinda like Twitter but with a medical slant. The answers are provided by physicians who have passed some sort of screening process ("Convicted? No, never convicted.") and other physicians can agree or disagree with your answers. An interesting concept by itself.

In any case, please feel free to head over to Health Tap ( and don't forget to do your best to support your favorite RE physician...but if he/she is not on Health Tap then feel free to throw a little love my way so my DocScore increases...not that it's a competition or anything. Plus, you can check out all my witty and pithy answers to the questions I have chosen to answer on the site.
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