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Why you can never give up on wellness.

Posted May 12 2014 10:08pm

by mnfadmin on May 12, 2014

Listen to your bodyImage thanks to Pinterest

I'm a good driver.  Always have been, aside from the time I was on my learners and steered Mum and myself under the butt of a freaking big 4WD.  Some $12K later, the car was fixed and it was happy days (aside the fact Dad still reminds me to this day I pranged his precious white Honda civic).  Oh and then there was the time that I took my car straight over a road island and unfortunately scraped the bottom of the car along the remnants of a jagged sign pole that was sticking out just enough to do some serious damage.  That wasn't a personal best either but nobody got hurt.  I'm a good driver.  There was also the time I was sitting in the passenger seat of one of my besties car, driving out of the panel beaters onto some hefty traffic.  I told her the coast was clear on my side and to 'go' not seeing the oncoming car rapidly approaching from her side at top suburban speed.  Fair to say the car was wheeled straight back into the panel beaters.  But I'm a good driver!

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