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Why does seeing a scanned sonogram photo on FB give me heart palpitations?

Posted May 03 2010 1:34pm
So, here we are again, chatting about life after PPD. Wish one blog post would do it, but apparently not. Am I alone in this? Doubt it. You probably remember that it's only been a couple of weeks since I posted about the anxiety that can well up instantly when a friend is pregnant/has a new baby .

Well, I just logged on to Facebook and saw the sonogram of a friend's uterus complete with 11 week old embryo (is that what they're still called at 11 weeks?).  The good news is that my initial reaction (guttural, I suppose) was of joy and a bit of jealousy (can you believe it??)!  The bad news is that as soon as my rational side took over the heart rate doubled and I started feeling overwhelmed by thoughts like...
(be sure to read at a manic speed, as that's how they were entering my head)

"Oh my God, do you think she's excited?"

"If she is, is her excitement because she's totally oblivious to how freakin' hard it is to have a newborn or how stressful it's going to be to have two kids?"

"Oh, and the sleep...does she realize how she's like never gonna sleep again?"

"Why am I having these thoughts?  I am such a bad mom.  I should feel guilty.  Children are a gift from God and we just found out about the tragic death of someone we can I not be more appreciative of life with this wake-up call just today?"

"But the sleep, and the years before she has time for a pedicure...!!!"

I'll stop get the point.

Let's keep the conversation about life after PPD in the real world going, ladies.  How do you feel when you find out a friend (or a stranger for that matter!) is pregnant?  do you have an intense reaction?  If so, do you have any coping strategies?

And what about if, like me, you are kinda thinking about maybe having another kid, perhaps, sometime in the future, and you realize that just looking at an embryo makes you overwhelmed and and when can you get ready to tackle TTC after suffering and then recovering from a PMD?

Rest assured...this community of Survivor Mamas gives us a leg up on the PPD beast!  Thanks for being a part of it.
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