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why does my period stop coming and i don't get pregnante?

Posted by lilmissme101

i am 24 years old, my daughter is 7 years old, when she was about 6 months old i went on the depo, but got off when she was 9 months old.. My periods have always been erragular but it seems that sometimes they go away for months. I can't seem to get pregnate no matter how many times i have sex unprotected.. I am currently 2 weeks late but i took a home preg test about a week ago and it came back negative. I've talked to my doctor and he sent me for blood work and ultrasounds, and still he says nothing is wrong with me, so if there is nothing wrong with me, then why does my period keep disapearing and why can't i get pregnate? my daughter is 7, that is 7 years of sex with nothing to prevent it and still no new baby.. ( then me and her father split and now he is expecting a child with another) so this leads me to beleive there is something wrong with me and not him... does anyone haev any answers?

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