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why does my nipple area hurt??

Posted by lucylu3

i had sex july 10th that was also the fist day of my period(used protection just the thought it might have ripped)..its been 3 weeks since and my nipple area has been hurting a bit to the touch for 4 days, could it be a pregnancy symptom? so early..or could it be because my breast are growing? im 17 ..could i be pregnant? 

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no you can't be pregnant if you had sex during your bleed.


it could be breast growth (Im almost 27 and my ladies are still growin) or (since you said its been three weeks) it is most likely a result of your progesterone being high- which is a completely normal part of a woman's cycle

I completely DISAGREE with the first poster.

If you ovulate irregularly (some women ovulate on day 6, some on day 20)...and sperm lives for 5-7 days inside of the body, then having sex on day 1 could most definitely mean you could be pregnant and had conceived on day 6....

 Also, depending on if your period was actually a period or not, some women have spotting that is not actually a period and you can be very fertile at that time.

 Personally, we had sex on July 12th (day 12 of my cycle) and I had sore breasts and nausea by July 20th, we just found out I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant wait a week and take a test to find out! Don't rule it out just because you may not fit the "textbook norm"!!

Only during a woman's fertile time with the presence of fertile cervical mucus does semen live more than a few hours.  Outside of that the vaginal canal is too acidic to sustain the semen.  It doesn't matter if a woman has regular or irregular cycles- this will always be true


So no I am not wrong.  It isn't like the poster said she was on day 4 or 5 of her bleed (at which point it become possible as some women have very short cycles and produce fertile cervical mucus sooner)...she said the first day.  So the uterine lining will have shed that day or soon after- another reason why sex on the first day of a period is highly improbable to become pregnant because there is no lining for an embryo to implant into (not taking into consideration that at this point in a woman's cycle there is no way there is a fertile egg to be released)

thank you two both of you :) i will take a test next week just to make sure.

thank you for your comment :)

and the day after i released an egg, so im guessing i cant be 

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