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Why does my cervical mucus have brown streaks?

Posted by Mrsrodriguez515

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year! October 2010 we had a positive pregnancy test ending in a miscarriage. Sine then my periods have been strange. Before I use to start between the 27 and 29 of every month, with little breast tenderness starting 3 days before and cramps starting the day of period. After miscarriage I skipped a period in November, started the 3rd of december, and then the 11th of January. We decided to start trying to get pregnant again, and started monitering my cervical mucus. 3 days ago I noticed in my cm one or two small spots of blood and since then I have had strings of brown in my cm. Still no period, little cramping and little breast tenderness. I have never noticed brown cm before, but I usually get a day of just brown blood the day I start my period. Is this pending menstration or pregnancy?
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