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why do i have discomfort in my upper stomach and feel short of breath?

Posted by kat24

i am 15 weeks pregnant and have severe constipation which ihave tried many things for. i have discomfort all on my left side front and back but mainly in my upper stomach under my ribs and i also have a hard and lumpy area in the upper stomach when it starts makes me feel like i have to struggle for breath which i am worried may be more serious than pregnancy related. this is my second pregnancy i fell pregnant only 3 months after my first child whom was stillborn and wonder if that has also put a strain on my body i have also since found out that i have factor 5 leiden gene which i take aspirin daily for and have been on ondenestron for hypermesis. ive been phasing ondenestron out as ive been feeling better but it keeps coming back some days im fine others im lethargic have a poor appettite and have bouts of dizzieness. please help as im worried this is more than just pregnancy
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