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Why am I bleeding 2 days after intercourse?

Posted by crw

I had endo, but after my pregnancy almost 2 years ago it seems to have gone away, or at least gotten better.  My cycles are around 29-30 days.  It seems as though I can tell when I am ovulating - a lot of clear discharge prior to... Anyway, if my husband and I have intercourse before ovualtion, I will bleed 2 days afterward.  It is by no means a heavy bleed, but I do wear a pad, and I can feel it coming out of me.  It last for at least 2 days, and is red to dark red in color. 
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when a woman is fertile.. the cervix gets soft... it could be that intercourse is irritating the vaginal canal and/or the cervix which can produce some bleeding.


Other than that... I don't know what other cause there could be, but remember I am not a doctor so if you are concerned about it then I'd schedule a consult (Phone or in person) with your GYN.

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