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who is my babys father?

Posted by anonymous

ok its a long story but here it goes. i just had my baby girl sept 29th and im having trouble trying to figure out who the father is. my bf an i were having unprotected sex from dec to jan. i found out i was pregnant feb 2. my last period was dec 28th 2009. so i only missed one period in jan for me to know i was prego. my baby was due oct 4th. from the time we were having unprotected sex he never pulled out, he always came in me (sry tmi). so we broke up in january b4 i knew i was pregnant an within that week i had sex with an ex ONLY ONCE. we didnt use a condom but he pulled out. it was just one time thing thats it. an now me and my bf are back together with a beautiful babygirl and i truly believe in my heart she is his. i just still have that lil voice in the back of my head that says maybe she isnt. i know their is a possibility but what are the chances thats shes not his? but she really does look like my bfs baby pictures. i just dont know what to think right now. im about to go crazy thinking about this. any advice?
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