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White Discharge after Plan B and period is late, am I pregnant?

Posted by Plan B question

I had been on OTC for a year and had to stop for two months because I did not have access to the pills. During this last of those two months, I have had to take Plan B twice. My boyfriend pulled-out both times because the condom broke, but obviously this is not effective so I chose to take plan B. The first time, a bled a few days later for 3 days and assumed that it was my period. That was on January 23rd (My original period coming around the 11th). I had to take Plan B again about a week ago (Tuesday February 15th). Today is February 23rd and my period is no where to be found. I am experiencing a milky white discharge today, so it is possible that I'm ending ovulation? I know that Plan B can seriously mess up your cycle, but I can help but be terrified that I am pregnant.
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Take a test first off. If that comes back negative or positive, I would get ahold of your doctor. :)
Period came on the 27th :) . Went back on OTC Lo yesterday, hopefully I won't ever have to go through this again. FOR EVERYONE worried about their period being late after Plan B, just know that it really messes up your cycle.
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