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Posted Jul 12 2012 10:21am
Remember my post from, oh, like, two days ago?  Yeah, the one in which I admit that I lost my mind and was actually kinda happy in my first ignorant bliss experience ever?  Well, it was temporary.

I don't know whether to thank or curse those of you who must've sent me back those little bits of over-analyzing, remembering, detailing, ruminating, racing thoughts of my brain that I had asked for.  Because, well, honestly, I'm not sure I want them back.  Their vacation must've lasted a week or so longer than my actual vacation, but they are back at work.  You might even say they're workaholics.

Stress creeps up unexpectedly sometimes.  The littlest things can set it off.  It's like a mousetrap.  A tornado could whirl around it without releasing it, yet a tiny feather that lands with perfect aim could trigger the SNAP! that ruins the whole thing.

So, yes, all was going well.  Life is good.  Healthy kids.  Great vacation.  Sure, always room for improvement...more patience with my boys, more time and effort towards my marriage, a cleaner house.  Yet, for the most part, the "Oh-blah-dee" summer had been keeping moods good and stress low.  And then reality hit like a tripped mousetrap.  Snap.  Back to reality.

L1 has been getting up at 5:45am mornings this week.  Sure, I could try putting him to bed later, but figuring out how to do that when the kid's exhausted by 5pm is a challenge.  L2 is like a younger twin to L1 in many ways, but he's polar opposite in one...rule-following.  We never did get around to baby-proofing with L1, and found out we didn't need to, but with L2 no amount of locks, covers, latches or other paraphernalia prevents him from getting into trouble.  This morning this is where I found him, about to eat a magnet (note the "child-proof" lock on the cabinet)

In addition, L1 needs to be dropped off and picked up from a 3 hour camp every day this week that's a 20 minute drive from my house.  And, I need to get some work down for church, for volunteer commitments and around this house.  Bills still need to be paid.  Also?  A new dishwasher is being delivered and installed today because the fork that I have literally been sticking in the old one to make it run for the past 6 months no longer works.

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