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Where to now??

Posted by zaiya

i've been ttc for 2yrs6months..
think its bout time i went to some1 for help..
wher do i go?? who do i c??
been for a pelvic scan and was diagnosed with PCOS
last year july i went onto clomid for 3 cycles.. ovulated (yaaaaay) but no pregnancy :/
took a break, cos i put on alot of weight, did homeopathic treatments from dec till now.. no joy :/ now just terribly frustrated with myself..
Despondent Me 
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Hi Zaiya,

From you note I'm not to sure whether your clomid cycles were monitored or not. and whether you have had any contact with a fertility clinic. What I can tell you is do a lot of research about who you want to see, and which clinics as you know it's not an easy thing to go through so you need to feel comfortable with your decision and clinic or doctor

Hi Stefanie


My clomid cycles were not monitored by a fertility specialist.. 

My GP worked together with my OB/GN and i was put onto clomid.. after 3 successful ovulation cycles i called it quits..

 2 months later my cycles went insane again, and did reflexology to get my cycles in order.. IT WORKED.. after 6 months of no AF and 1 reflexology session i had my 1st cycle in months.. been regular since although i don't think i ovulate if thats even possible.. no EWCM, no O pains.. nothing nada zero..


I don't think i have adequate emotional support and feel like i'm carrying the whole load by myself.. which stinks.. and with the people around me who keep unnecessarily stressing me out i don't think thats helping much either..

Finance is an added stress.. My husband was out of a job for 5 months this year, and has just secured a job again.. His wage is good but not good enough for any fertility treatment let alone a fertility specialist.. Its like in your face.. u can't conceive and look u have insufficient finance to get the help that you need.. Bwahahahahaaa..

I sincerely apologise for ranting and raving but I think I've just had an awful day and AF arrived today so spirits totally dampened..


Thanks a bunch for your replies :))



Hi Zaiya, After sending a response this morning on your note you forwarded to me, I started reading this reply.  Finances have always been a major problem, not just for you but I believe for most of the people who are struggling from infertility. We have basically put our entire life on hold in order for us to do all of our treatments while trying to save for the big IF. we managed to pay for the Fertility specialist the scans to see how big the follicles have grown and the scan for pre-ovulation, off cause there were always still the struggle with the payments for fertility medicine as they might differ from month to month (my body just wanted to proof a point or something) but every month something new happened. I fully understand your dilemma, and I know that it's not easy. You have also mentioned that you don't feel like you have adequate emotional support, and I know that one would prefer immediate family or friends, but sometimes they don't understand what we are experiencing emotionally. After struggling for a while and receiving treatments, I felt exactly the same, it felt like no one understood my desperate attempts my emotional days and it even felt like hubby didn't understand me at times, so I started my blog on a suggestion of a lady I met on a forum for infertility (Click on the infertility support forum link) the ladies are amazing, they are so supportive and they actually understand. I hope I have been of help and you are more than welcome to read more about my journey over on my blog at, you can also click on follower and register as a follower (if you feel up for that, cause as you know we all have our ups and downs and all gets spilled there) Good luck and stay in touch Regards



Thanks stefanie.. believe it or not i was looking forward to a reply from you..

Surprisingly enough i had joined the fertilicare group yest and they have been rather welcoming.. they are amazing.. will def be reading your blog..

regarding my financial dilemma i've decided to take each day is it comes.. going to try clomid for the next 3 months and pray it works... if it doesn't we'l decide in dec what we want to do..


thanks a bunch for your support

will def stay in touch :)



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