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Where the Hell Have I Been Lately?

Posted Mar 21 2013 9:18pm

Snarky, short answer: right here, silly.

Longer, more convoluted answer: it’s complicated.

I haven’t posted here since late February and that’s no good. Spam comments have begun piling up in my Akismet queue. Pageviews are down. I can practically see the virtual tumbleweeds that blow across the main landing page of my site. Truth is, it’s not like I’ve been crazy busy and have had no time to blog. Ironically, just as I finally come back to this space, things are really picking up right now.

I’ve been dealing with a lot emotionally and it’s kept me from this space. I’ve spent the last week – seriously, a whole week – working on a single post talking about that more in detail. In writing it, it’s now become a sprawling monster of a post that I think I’m going to need to break up into a couple of posts. Hoping to finally finish writing it this weekend to post early next week. If you’re really curious, here’s a preview .

I wanted to touch base and let folks know that yes, I’m alive, yes the Knish is still growin’ like a fiend and that everyone is a-ok.

Also: I have a very healthy* appetite right now.

*Healthy is a relative term here.

*Healthy is a relative term here.

. . .

I’ve been thinking about about this space: what it means to me but more importantly – what it means to you. I’ve certainly felt a major shift in my identity, one that’s bound to get even more complicated once the Knish gets here in June.

No matter what… I just can’t walk away from this space. I’ve got too much heart and history invested here. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to walk away from this space. At the same time, I want to be cognizant of what a shifting identity means – how do I honor and keep this space for those that need it? And how do I do that in a compassionate, sensitive way?

So, with that in mind, I’ve been thinking about how I want to shape this space in the coming months – and I would love you to help me shape this space for you. I wanted to reach out to y’all because let’s face it: you can’t blog in a vacuum. This space is as much for you (if not more so) than it is for me, after nearly four years of blogging.

I’d love your input and perspective and I’d love to have it be a dialogue with the community. So rather than just throw up a simple form and collect your answers, you can comment anonymously on this post only so that you can speak freely and also respond to other people’s comments if you feel so moved. I know my comment form asks for a name and email, but just plug in a burner email and pseudonym to comment anonymously.

So please – feel free to be honest. Here’s what I’d love to learn from you:

  • How did you find The Infertility Voice? What brought you here?
  • What is it about The Infertility Voice that keeps you coming back here to read?
  • What are your favorite types of posts? Your least favorite?
  • What do you want to see more of here? Less of?
  • When you think of The Infertility Voice – what does that mean to you?
  • How has The Infertility Voice helped you?
  • Any other thoughts, concerns, suggestions – I’m all ears.

I hope you’ll feel free to comment honestly and candidly. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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