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Posted Apr 14 2011 12:00am
For a couple of my miscarriages, my early pregnancy symptoms just suddenly disappeared and I knew something was wrong.  As a result of this, when I was pregnant with my son and had days when my pregnancy symptoms would be mild or not even present at all, I immediately began to worry.  I remember when I went for my first visit with my OB/GYN, I hardly had any symptoms and I was very terrified that I might have miscarried.

I always wondered why this is so, as this very troubling for those of us who struggle to become pregnant, and then have to worry that we might be miscarrying when our pregnancy symptoms, one day, just disappear.

Upon research I have found out that pregnancy symptoms can in fact be very intense one day and the next you feel like your normal self again. Sadly, there has been no mention in the research material why this is so, but many women who have ever been pregnant can attest to this. Please note though, that you could be miscarrying if your pregnancy symptoms disappear, and especially if there is evidence of spotting. It is therefore advised that you see your doctor immediately if this is happening to you.

Early pregnancy symptoms can be very challenging to cope with, but it is very comforting to have them stick around because they are a sign that your pregnancy is progressing as it should. My doctor told me once that women who experience symptoms like nausea, are very unlikely to miscarry early in their pregnancies.
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