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When Will We Be Ready To Wean?

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:01pm

Honestly, by the time my girls were this age, they were almost weaned.  A year, that was it.  However, I think the ‘experts’ were saying a year back then. Now, they say two years. The e xperts being the American Academy of Pediatrics. Since my son is my last baby, I have been taking things slower with him.  We started table food later than with the girls, things like that.  However, now I am wondering when we will call it quits on breast feeding.  I do not think I can be an extended breast feeder, it’s just not me nor my son.  He is already getting to the point where he bites and gets distracted easily.  However, I don’t see him giving up nursing any time soon.  On one side, I am happy about that.  Let him be a baby longer, let him need his mommy, let us continue our special bond.  On the other hand, I start wishing my boobs can get a break, mostly when he bites my nipple and turns his head.  Or when he reaches up and pinches my nipples. OUCH! He has had some cow’s milk already and has done well with it. Only a few times when I didn’t have enough milk pumped within the last month.  Doctors say to hold off on cow’s milk until a year, mostly they want babies to keep getting breast milk or even formula until then.

So for now I don’t set a time to start weaning. I will watch his cues and deal with him biting and pinching. The thing that I have to remember, and anyone else with a one year old is nursing changes drastically at this point.  You can go a lot longer without nursing, especially  if your baby is eating table foods. As for my son, he mostly nurses before nap and bed times, when I go to sleep, once in the middle of the night and when he first gets up.  He will nurse a little during the day but not like a few weeks ago.

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