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When to test.

Posted by Annah M. Facebook


My boyfriend and I (husband later this year) were wondering when we'll get an accurate result. I have a Regular, 28 day cycle, and We had unprotected sex on the 17th day, and the 21st day of my cycle (as we're not ttc, but if we do, its not a big deal).

I missed my period, but i feel like if i am pregnant, it just implanted, because i'm cramping, just not as bad as i normally do, with my period.

I also have Hypothyroidism( havent been taking my medication because it makes me miss my periods, the DR's havent found the right dosage for me yet, and i'm so very tired of taking pills.) 

I've also been extremely nauseous lately, and cant shake the feeling that i am pregnant, even though the 3 hpt's came back negative.

What do you think? When can I take a test, and know for sure? Does Hypothyroidism affect the accuracy of HPT's? 

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