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When it floods. (plus meeting a S.anto.rum & need your lab help)

Posted Mar 15 2012 11:26pm
I know you are thinking how could it be a bad week if you got to meet a blogger and Rick? Well it was. It all started on Monday, around 5pm we had just come home from a day visiting Grant's parents when my parents called to tell me that it had flooded in and asked if our house there (a rental) was ok. Well we had no idea, we knew that it flooded over the interstate but not the town! We found out that it had indeed rained 16 inches in just 4 hours! We started calling the police and different people we knew to see if they knew if the subdivision was safe
(the house was empty,and under contract to sell) We to our great joy (sarcasam) the subdivision had flooded and only 3-4 houses were dry, ours not being one of those 4. So at 5:30 we packed up and headed out......getting there at 6:30 we started by mopping the floors and then I started shop-vac-ing the carpets because the realtor didn't want us to rip them out because it would slow the sale down if the seller still wanted the house. We vac-ed for 2 hrs and the carpets still squished and at that point we had a frank discussion on how we could probably get the water out if we kept at it till 6am which we didn't really want to do. So we talked to the realtor again and started ripping out the wet, dripping carpet. We are machines dh and I and in three hours had all the carpet and padding out, vaccumed out the water, cleaned the floors and were heading home. Alana was a TROOPER because we had to take her along, and she had to sit in her stroller the entire 5 hrs we were there, and she didn't fall asleep despite the fact that she normally goes to bed at 6:30. That being said, when we put her in her car seat she was out before we left the subdivision! Poor baby. She tried so hard for us to take her out, we had the vac running and she hates noise, it was way past her bedtime and in a strange place, stuck in her stroller. When we would walk past her she would say, "hold you, hold you" holding her arms up and we would respond with "I'm sorry baby we can't, we are working" so after awhile she tried another tactic, "hug you tight,tight" aah I love that kid! :) Of course I had to stop and hug her "tight, tight" !

We have been there every day since Monday with Grant having to use vacation time and taking half days do get it all done. The buyer still wants it and and we signed papers today, unfortunately we were stuck at the lawyers office for two hours waiting for paperwork which cut into our cleaning time so we have to go again tomorrow. Something I'm NOT happy about. Oh well it's almost over. Bad thing is we have been getting little sleep going to bed at 2:30am Monday and midnight or after every night since. Its almost over, it's almost over.....sigh.

You mean I have to STAY in here?

I look like I'm having fun don't I? and yes that is water on my shirt.

In happier news I got to meet up with Sarah from A Child to call me mama again this week and my first meeting with Isaac! He's so handsome, a truly beautiful child. I kinda wanted to steal him! Here are some shots from that day!


I love babies!

See how much I love him?

He took an immediate liking to Grant. Diving at him as soon as he saw him!

two babies!! We are ready for that!

What a difference a year (ish) makes! two babies....

The day before we met Sarah we decided to go to a rally here in Lafayette! It was tons of fun and one of the reasons we went to bed after midnight! I'm telling you my girl is a trooper! I was very exciting as he won Alabama and Mississippi that night, we got to shake his hand and we also met the girls from the Rick video...have you seen it? Here it is if you want to see it, it is by the two oldest daughters of a homeschooling family of 8, I got to chat with them, I would guess they are evangelical from our chat. They are a great family, and their girls are so sweet. If you watch the video, the band shots ...well that's the family, mom is on keyboard, Dad on guitar and the kids on a variety of instruments.

Waiting for Rick!

delirious from fatigue!

saying a prayer for Rick...

Hello Mr. Senator!

That's Rick in the back ground...:)

here ya go..

Alana with the One Love girls.

And last but not least my labs, I had some P+ labs run and only have two in so far...I might get one more in before cd 1 we shall see but my...
 P+3 was 15.2 P+6 was    5.2
that is quite a drop right? It's bad? I am going in tomorrow for a P+ 9 tomorrow then it's the weekend so we will see if I get a P+11 in or not. Here is my question. What do I ask my Dr for? I was on NOTHING this cycle. Nadda, this is me ... unleashed.:)  I'm guessing I need progesterone, but what amount per day? dosage... He will give me anything I want so I just need to know what to ask for.
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