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When impalantation occurs can you see skin in your urine or waste.

Posted by FoxyLady

My period is scheduled for this Tuesday or Wednesday, but I have several questions. Does gum bleeding mean that if your are pregnant if it is not common? Does a negative pregnancy test always mean that you are not pregnant? Does a pain in the middle of your lower abdomen or on one side or the other mean implantation? Can you see skin in your urine and/or "poop" when you implant?

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The bleeding of the gums isn't a definite indicator of pregnancy though it can sometimes be caused by the change of which hormone is dominant.

A negative pregnancy test does not always mean you are not pregnant- though if you test after you have already missed your period then it is something like 99.9% accurate.

Pain doesn't always (in fact rarely does) indicate implantation.  The pain could be caused by you ovulating (from either the left or right ovary) or just general cramping that comes with being a woman. 

Implantation doesn't produce/or cause any skin to shed at all when it occurs.

What about viaginal discharge that does not smell and it does not itch. And lately me and my husband have been having more sex because I feel the urge and he said that it feels better because it is more lubricated down there, could that be a sign? I still have hot had my period yet and the tests keep saying no. Should I make a appointment for the OB/GYN anyways just to be sure?

vaginal discharge that doesn't smell or itch is apart of the reproductive cycle. It makes the vaginal canal more "sperm friendly" by reducing the acidity.

I would give it a couple of days then make that appointment with your GYN.  As for a p4 test to be done. Its a blood draw where they check your progesterone levels to see if you've ovulated. 

With all of this information would you make a educated guess if you think I am or not?

No I still can't make an educated guess.  You haven't told me when this cycle started, if you know when you ovulated, or what your intercourse patterns were during your fertile window.


The information you provided by itself doesn't allow me to make a guess but in the context of the information I just mentioned it would be much easier to speculate

Well my last period was Septemember 15, 2009 and it is in a 27-28 day pattern. I ovulated 14 days after my period. Me and my husband have intercourse almost everyday.
have you taken a test?
one and it said no but that was like the end of last weel.
I still have not had my period and I have not took another prego test. What do you think would be benificial for me to do?
make an appointment with your GYN
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