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What the Weekend Holds

Posted Jul 15 2005 12:00am

I am midway through my day right now. In the morning, I went to my job at the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation (RLSF). Now I am home for lunch where John is watching Lord of the Rings on DVD. He usually watches something for 30 minutes or so during lunchtime. I need to leave in about 5 minutes to go to other job at Mayo. I enjoy having the two jobs, but sometimes it is difficult to shift gears. Depending on what time I get to RLS in the morning, I can get anywhere from an hour to two hours off at lunchtime. This helps me move into the other "persona". I do completely different things at both places.

At 5:00 we will head down to Cabella's about 30 minutes away. JB has a bunch of stuff to return there from our camping trip with Robbie last month. I will share about that experience soon. Then, we are going to go to a birthday dinner for Summer at her favorite restaurant "Whistle Binkies" (weird name I know but she likes it because that is where she met her boyfriend!). Tomorrow, I have a mystery shop at LensCrafters I need to do and then we are going to the Sviggums! This is a favorite event for a lot of people in John's class. It is a LOT of fun. We play all kinds of Minnesota games like trying to throw a beanbag in a hole for points (this game does not have a name -- I have asked) and "Bochi ball" which is another strange game where you throw balls around the whole yard and score points if your's are closest. We also play volleyball and sometimes go for a hayride and eat very good. The Sviggums ALWAYS have jello and usually a few different kinds.

Hans is a great friend of ours even though he sold us out and moved out of Rochester Towers and bought himself a house 5 blocks away. His dad is the Speaker of the House. Here is a link to his website:

So you can check out where we will be tomorrow for our picinic.

Okay, gotta go to work. That's my life today. I am enclosing the picture of my niece Grace simply because I love her so much.

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