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What should my HcG levels be at 4 weeks pregnancy?

Posted by wobbletwin2

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it depends on how quickly your body begins producing hCG.  

Anything over 5 is considered to be pregnant. 

Really though it isn't the base number its more what the doubling time is (48hrs)

Hi im around 5 weeks pregnant. i went for my first blood test thursday 29th november 2012 and it was 1604 and went for my second blood test saturday 1st december 2012 and it was 1800 and something. Could I have lost the baby. I'm on about going to A&E today 2nd december 2012. Or could wait to have another blood test tomorrow monday 3rd december 2012. Plz help. This is my second baby. I already got a 3 year old daughter. and my iron has always been low cuz off my weight ect..
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