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what should cervical mucus look like if you have concieved?

Posted by judd

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It can look like anything! Cervical mucous is a very poor indicator of pregnancy or non-pregnancy (as the case may be). Every woman is different, so you can have any type of CM and in any amount and have either outcome. Some women report a yellowish discharge pre-AF and end up with BFPs, but still others have EWCM, or have the usual sticky CM or are dry. Likewise, you may have the yellowish discharge and have your normal AF right on time. I've been TTC#2 for over 4 years and have had every possible type of CM in the 2ww and only 2 early losses to show for it, neither of which had any major sign of PGcy through changes in my CM.

Eventually in PGcy, you will probably experience an overabundance of CM of some sort. The seeming over-production later on will be caused by the mucous plug, which is always shedding and regenerating. 

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