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What's worse? The dentist, taxes, or wearing a suit every day?

Posted Mar 06 2007 12:00am
This post is actually a lot more positive than the title would imply.

First of all, JB did our taxes this week. Upon completion, there was a long moment of silence as he shuffled over to give me the news, as I leaned against the wall, impatiently waiting.

A little background: We have now been married for almost nine years. In those nine years, we have never gotten a tax return. The first five years we were married JB was running his own business. This required him to put money in the bank each quarter and then make one payment at tax time. Sometimes we wouldn't have to use all the money, however, we never actually got a return.

Then came Minnesota. This was a disaster. For whatever reason, my teaching job in St. Charles did not take out enough tax money for us. We didn't know this until tax time rolled around and we owed money. The next year, I had left teaching but was working two part-time jobs. This really hit us hard as, "unbeknowest" to us, part-time jobs don't take out as much money as full time jobs. When tax time rolled around, we owed thousands of dollars! This really, really stunk. Year three, we did better but still ended up owing money.

So this year, we were, cautious. Despite requesting more money to be taken out of all our paychecks, we were figuring that come tax time, we would owe a bit. We weren't trying to be negative, just financially ready.

So back to present day. (JB finishes the taxes and shuffles over to me.) He holds up a piece of paper with a large sum on money on it. "Here's the damage," he mumbles. Despite Novocain from my recent dentist visit, my jaw drops. The number on the piece of paper was even more money than we owed in year two! How could this be? How could we owe that much despite having extra money withheld from both of my paychecks? Then JB smiles. This was the money we were getting back!!!!!


The main reason: IVF. Our medical expenses were at their maximum this last year as I did two harvests and three transfers all in the course of one year. This gave us a return! So we actually saved money putting me under. Well, not really, but we are still really excited about this return. It was nice to get nice news.

In other news, I also went to the dentist this week and got my two temporary crowns put on. This was quite an experience. They ended up giving me some of the "laughing gas" as there were two pretty big fillings that had to be taken out, and my lack of sleep the night before was leaving me not-very-relaxed. This gas was wonderful! I actually think I got a nap while she was drilling.

After two hours and what I believed was a conclusion to a not-so-pleasant but very-tolerable experience, I went out to the counter to pay my bill, only to have my dentist come out and get me, unhappy with the molding for one of my crowns. Her real fear was because we were leaving the country for six weeks, if the molding wasn't perfect, there might not be time to return the crowns and get them redone before we left, leaving me in temporary crowns (which fall off easily and are quite clunky) the whole time we are in Africa! So I had to get back in the chair, get more Novocain, and do one tooth again. Dr. Laura was so sweet, and she thanked me for my patience, but I really, really wanted to get out of the dentist office.

In other news from the week ...

This week JB has also returned to real class. He and his forty-something classmates are back in the classroom for a three week class. This will actually be JB's last class and test during medical school. Next Thursday will also be the day that his classmates all "match" with their residency choices (something JB has already done). There is a huge "ceremony" for match day -- something I get to attend. They also cancel class the next day due to the fact that so many students have spent the night before, well, celebrating.

As of last Friday, JB also wore a suit for the last time. Not sure how many of you know that Mayo docs don't wear white coats. They were suits. Every day. JB finds the idea of putting a lasso around your neck each morning quite absurd so he reminded for a week straight that this was the last week he may ever have to put on a suit ... daily.

For the next seven years, he will be wearing a military uniform to work. I'd imagine he'll get pretty sick of that too.
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