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What's the problem?

Posted by =s

I've always had irregular periods and i have the Hyper Prolactin Gland thing.. so ive been on dostinex for quite a while now, but went off it for no reason for almost a month..Went back to taking it for a month and a half now..1 pill every week.. and still didn't get my period. So im late for almost 6 months now!! Ive also had a very stressful month in july..I did more than 6  pregnancy tests, and all negative, and no pregnancy symptoms but the late period..

i'm SO WORRIED, non stop!!! please help!

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it sounds as though you are annovulatory.  You won't get a period until one of two things happen: 1) you ovulate at some point  OR 2) ask your physican for provera- which will force a withdrawl bleed and restart your cycle

Ohh..this sounds pretty bad.. does it mean i'm infertile? Ill be seeing a Gyn next week and i have to do blood work, so it'll all be cleared out, hopefully!

Thank you..
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